It’s Time to Tune In … Right Now!

We are up and running and Peppino has a day of great music programmed on our fledgling online radio station. Right now I’m grooving to “Me and Mrs. Jones” (Billy Paul) and I’m looking at a playlist full of great songs in a playlist he calls “Flexi-Funk” … don’t know exactly what that means, but you’re gonna love it. Tune in to RadioFreeDNC (the DNC … Continue reading It’s Time to Tune In … Right Now!

Allowing the Silence to Speak

I don’t know to what culture to attribute this, but here’s a proverb: “The only worthwhile words are ones that improve upon the silence.” It is difficult to be cogent in one’s communications, no matter verbal or written. My mother taught me at an early age the “lost art” of proofreading book reports in my primary school days. She helped me on my initial report … Continue reading Allowing the Silence to Speak

My Brother Joe

My brother Joe was always a beautiful person — physically handsome (most would say gorgeous), outgoing and charismatic, loving and lovable. If you read his yearbook, you’d see descriptions such as: the nicest guy; always smiling; loves everybody.  Joe always had a large circle of friends and was always the center of attention in nearly every room he entered; if people were already gathered, their … Continue reading My Brother Joe