Tune In – Live Streaming

Click the link above to tune in – you can listen on your phone, your tablet or your computer. Download this week’s schedule and click the button “Radio Free Do Not Conform on Facebook” for program updates, commentary & reflections on the music.

Peppino (PB) programs a wide variety of musical styles – Jazz, Funk, Brazilian/Latin, Experimental/Improvisational, Soul/Doo-Wop, Eclectic Rock, and Spoken Word (Comedy, Commentary, Philosophy) featuring many compositions that have fallen out of the mainstream.

KarieJo (Kj) offers a different wide variety of musical styles – Classic Rock, Classic Country, Orchestral, Vintage & Modern Swing, World Music, Spoken Word, Pop Music (50s-present) including the Classic American Songbook, and Classic & Contemporary Christian & Catholic programming on Sundays. Many of the songs (but not all) are in the mainstream, but programmed in a way to lead you against the current.