Allowing the Silence to Speak

I don’t know to what culture to attribute this, but here’s a proverb: “The only worthwhile words are ones that improve upon the silence.” It is difficult to be cogent in one’s communications, no matter verbal or written. My mother taught me at an early age the “lost art” of proofreading book reports in my primary school days. She helped me on my initial report … Continue reading Allowing the Silence to Speak

A Light Shines in the Darkness

  For the last  few years I have come to dread the Christmas holidays, but not for the usual cliché reasons. It is my aversion to watching the usual Christmastime television movie “favorites” when everyone suggested we turn on the set and watch. I always do, but find myself getting unusually emotional. I tear up, my nose gets stuffy, and as result, I’d find myself … Continue reading A Light Shines in the Darkness