First: A Perplexing Question, Then the Awful Ones

Why do we always ask, “What do you do?” That was the question Peppino posed and it brought up a couple of other questions that we ask one another when we meet: Do you have children? is one most often asked of women, as is, “Are you married?” Read Peppino’s post and its three responses. These questions may seem innocuous; it’s just “small talk.” But … Continue reading First: A Perplexing Question, Then the Awful Ones

A Member of the Counter-Culture? Definitely!

My grandmother was a feisty old lady. Born Hattie Mae before the turn of the last century, she ‘married well’ and became a grand lady in the southern tradition, taking on her husband’s surname and refining her given name to Harriet M.

Putting her hair up was the first thing she did in the morning and letting it down, brushing it 100 strokes before she braided it was the last thing she did at night; I doubt she ever owned a pair of pants and I never saw her leave the house without her hat and gloves.

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