About Us

80454018F190Peppino Bianco is our composer, social commentator and music reviewer.

Raised in both the insular environment of a first generation family of Sicilian immigrants and the wonderfully rich “outside” world of, what I consider, the USA’s version of the Italian Renaissance (the wonderful moments of the 1960s that shaped the country and the world in a positive manner), I am a former professional musician, voyeur of life, bon vivant, cynic and social “critic”. I have 61years on the planet and am still learning, enjoying and being amazed at what this journey on our “third stone from the sun” has to offer.

My interests in music, film, books, sports and science are only the tip of the iceberg.  I tend to agree in principle with a phrase from science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, “specialization is for insects” … except on rare occasions! What interests me most, however, is contributing to the well-being and betterment of our planet and all creatures that dwell under our star-filled skies. One day I hope to finally see a star-filled sky when I get far enough away from the city and its light pollution.

80454018F209Karoline Ferrell  is our blog master.

Thirty years ago, even twenty years ago, I would have begun a description of myself with the words, “I love to talk!” Now that love has deepened into a love for conversation and, I think, I now enjoy listening to others as much as I love to talk and I’ve developed a talent for writing through years of keeping a journal and writing articles and reflections for publication.

I like to do so many things: quilting, knitting, crocheting (for a time I made money doing silk embroidery), cooking, gardening, photography; I even have a small talent for painting. Music has always been a huge part of my life — I have a record collection that spans the ranges from Alice Cooper to Barry Manilow, The Oak Ridge Boys to the Beastie Boys, Antonio Carlos Jobim to Julio Iglesias Jr, and if I have any “regrets” it would be that I didn’t pursue dancing and that I don’t have a talent for singing. I also love reading, watching movies and rainy days.

1909718_22644873335_4989_nAdam Foch is our film and television critic.

He doesn’t like to write about himself, so I’ll make the introduction. Adam is an observer … of life, people, culture and politics, as well as an avid watcher of movies, films and television. He watches nearly all the movies and has an encyclopedic knowledge of most of them. He has a  philosopher’s mind and a gift for cutting right to the core of a subject.