Music Sweet Music

At risk of sounding like an elitist, (wink wink), asking me to listen to music that is not wildly innovative, exhilarating and fresh is like asking me to drive over to the city dump and separate all the wrongly placed bottles and cans from the regular garbage!

Paradoxically, I say this both tongue in cheek and with a strong element of truth.

In truth, I have no problem with popular music forms, well executed. Some of the planet’s greatest sounds are popular music forms performed by “popular musicians”.

The real push is towards discovery. After all, isn’t that a trait that is, as I’ve heard said, “embedded in our very spiraling coils of DNA”?

I wonder now why, when it comes to music, the yearning for discovering the new, the unknown quantity, the innovative, seems lacking, or lagging behind other pursuits.

Such a glorious innovation that mankind ever invented, folks in general just don’t seem to pursue new musical avenues with the same zeal as they do for, say, a new cuisine, a new place to travel, a new TV show on the telly, or a new lifestyle to pursue.

There’s a lot more to say, maybe I should present my thoughts in episodic fashion.

I need to ponder this more, and open this to discussion.

Could it be one of the reasons is that music has been assigned to being background din in our every day life?

Does music need to be pumped in, not only to the gymnasium (replacing the clang clang of the weights and the grunts and groans of the people), but in to a restaurant?. They have music going in gas station kiosks now. LOUD musics blares to the street from competing Las Vegas casinos on the strip (sometimes hilariously interpolating two totally separate musical genres at the spot where the sounds intersect!).

Reducing the art of music to aid and abet commerce and to create a constant thrum in people’s nervous systems seems to be the height of disrespect to the species and to the glorious innovation that we call “music”.

I wonder what the birds, trees and animals feel about this assault?