10 Books in 10 Days Challenge, Day 7


I was raised in a house with no books other than my and my sister’s school books. My four grandparents were illiterate, my pa could read but never did, ma read the occasional pulp novella. 

In our day, there was the traveling salesman who sold encyclopedias.  In our case, the man sold us The World Book, and man, was I bitten!  This big bunch of books, and some giant plastic gizmo in a separate box that we never used, (never even checked out what it was for) … but, A to Z, a world of wonders. It seems I was way ahead of Ray Bradbury, who once said “specialization is for insects!” I would check out each letter volume and soak up all this “knowledge” I would have never been aware of!  And there was the famous plastic layover pages that built the body up from skeleton to organs to skin! A pre-teenage gross out, but what fun! 

We treated these books with reverence, and even used them to “cheat” when assigned a school project that required research. These books also included the proper use of the English language!  Grazii mille mille per tutti, ma e pa! I couldn’t get enough! Later on, we got the intriguing, yet spooky “Childcraft Books set, but that’s another story! 

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