10 Books in 10 Days Challenge, Day One

10 books in 10 days, books that had meaning for me in my life? Let’s start with Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

I was born rebelling. Who knows how I came out shrieking and screaming, enough for me to be given away to an orphanage? No matter.

I first really began to get “radicalized” during the wild days in Chicago during the 60s and my 1st exposure to subversive writing was in the pamphlets “Rising Up Angry”, “The Chicago Seed” and the Black Panther magazines that were hawked on our downtown street corners. Having lived in Chicago’s Uptown Community in the famous “ Winthrop-Kenmore Corridor, I have enough stories to write my own book, and a sequel.

My landlord, friend, and band mate Jerry Kohler worked for a community activist group, “The Organization of the Northeast” and Mr. Alinsky’s two books were their bible. I myself learned quite a bit from Mr. Alinsky, paraphrasing my favorite quote, “if you want to have a meaningful discussion with an orthodox rabbi, you don’t show up at his temple eating a ham sandwich.” Alinsky was a true organizer, like the Wobblies, IWW , and the Italian Anarchists that inspired my heroes, Nicòla Sacco e Bartolomeo Vanzetti, his writings tempered the more youthful and often foolish outbursts of my peers, and those radicals who were at the forefront of the youth movements in the 60s. I probably read Alinsky when I was 18 years old – his writings moved me quite a bit and tempered my mania. My companion composition? “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”– Gil Scott Heron. This song and others can be heard on my “ Politically Interconnect” broadcast on August 27 and August 29 from 7:00-10:12 AM and on August 31, from midnight to 3:12 AM. (Central Standard Time) RadioFreeDNC: https://donotconform.com/dnc-radio/