Ugly Beauty: Perspective on My Las Vegas Musings

Not only have I seen the three “phases” of Las Vegas, but the perspective of my cultural lenses should also be taken into account since  I don’t want this blog thread to sound like one long rant.

  • Remember the dichotomy in the title ” Ugly Beauty” as well as another phrase I’ve heard describing Las Vegas in a way quite similar to mine – “a hard beauty to love.”
  • My age is important too. As of this writing I’m 62 yrs old.
  • Also, I am of Sicilian heritage, so this definitely colors my affinity for the “Mob Run Las Vegas, not because of the cliché “Mafia/Sicilian Cosa Nostra” thing (Las Vegas was the brainchild of Jewish mobster Bugsy Siegel and financed by Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky), but because I relate to the Mob Run Vegas because of the look, because of the style. When you are a Sicilian of my age, you saw that “Las Vegas style and class” daily, even though I live 1700 miles away in Chicago. You’ll read more about that in later posts.

I’ll intersperse some Las Vegas and Nevada history for fun and to help paint a picture. To paraphrase a popular advert, what I “see in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas.” More observations to come …