Ugly Beauty and the “Strip” – Part I

In the Middle of the Mojave Desert there’s a city that squats ugly during the day …
… and glitters beautiful at night.

A city that is different from all other United States cities, yet exemplifies everything that comprises The United States; a place you MUST experience , but SHOULD avoid.

As the Buddha said, “life is an illusion” …  Las Vegas, translates into “the Meadows,” even it’s name bears out the contradiction. Let’s echo not only the Buddha, but the Beatles (how’s that for alliteration?), “nothing is REAL, and nothing to get hung about …” 

I’ve seen Las Vegas now in three incarnations, and I’m pretty sure it will keep changing – a few hundred years ago, 80% of Nevada was covered by lakes!  I’ve seen the Mob-run Las Vegas, the Steve Wynn vision, and now I’m told the strip is almost completely owned by either the MGM or Caesars Palace corporations. (Until Bezos and/or Amazon buy it all, I suspect?)  So it’s all about perspective.  I’ll try to make sure all my thoughts are in order so I can maintain perspective as I write.