A Light Shines in the Darkness

For the last  few years I have come to dread the Christmas holidays, but not for the usual cliche reasons. It was my aversion to watching the usual Christmastime television movie "favorites" when everyone suggested we turn on the set and watch. I would always do so, but found myself getting unusually emotional. I would... Continue Reading →

Who Are You?

I don't know what to think about this movie, Jim & Andy and the Great Beyond. I feel like this movie is confused, but that confusion is because it shows just how confused  I would say Jim Carrey is. I don't think the movie is trying to say anything, but yet it is saying something.... Continue Reading →

Creativity vs Commercialism

It was a sad experience when I decided to use the gift I have inside, to create and offer music to the world, to turn it into an occupation (albeit a pleasant one). I learned the lay of the land pretty quickly, although I decided to reside in it for years ... the problem was a... Continue Reading →

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